Linked swissbib

In the project swissbib data was transformed and published as linked data.

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Pura (Private User Remote Access) was a service offered by swissbib that allows private users from libraries to access online resources using a SWITCH edu-ID account. Pura was migrated to SLSP in 2021.

National Licences

swissbib was responsible for the metadata management for the project national licences.

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Views of the search interface

swissbib offered views of the search interface based on the same data and technology.

Apart from the main search interface three views existed:

  • swissbib Basel Bern (, until 2021): local catalogue with connection to the library system for loans, etc. for the network IDS Basel Bern.

  • jusbib ( , until 2021) : specialised catalogue for judicial literatur from all libraries in swissbib.

  • swissbib Zurich (until 2013): catalogue for the region Zurich, containing the data from NEBIS and IDS Zurich.